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Simon Wayman Hypnotherapy & HypnoAnalysis
In easy reach of Heathfield, Horam, Hailsham, Mayfield, Polegate, Eastbourne, Uckfield, Crowborough, Lewes, East Sussex, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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What is Hypnosis?

It is a state of deep relaxation of mind and body. An natural state which is induced either by a hypnotherapist or the person themselves.

The word Hypnosis comes from the Greek ‘Hypnos’ (to sleep) but far from being asleep, the person in hypnosis may well be in a heightened state of awareness, with improved memory, in which they still have complete control of their own mind. They are however, more open to therapy and suggestions that may be given by the hypnotherapist.

The state of hypnosis is a most pleasant and particularly relaxing natural state during which a person can converse easily. It is a co-operation between patient and therapist.

Hypnosis is being used as an adjunct to orthodox medicine where it is providing, for doctors and dentists, a valuable alternative to drugs and anesthesia, to accelerate the healing process and to help in pain control.

Hypnosis is a natural state where the conscious mind is gently slowed down and the subconscious mind is much more to the fore. In this state a person is able to recall much better and also to feel emotion more easily. It is for this reason that hypnosis is so useful for aiding the recall of traumatic of emotional incidents.